Friday, February 18, 2011

Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Warmer Days

The end is near, but this is a good end, like the end to a prison sentence, or your Aunt Martha's story about her colonoscopy that she has told for the last six Thanksgivings.

I finally have an adviser at school who will help me tidy the last few straggling ends of my college career together in the form of a bachelors degree.   Professor Schlagheck (try saying her last name, you’ll lose too) is willing to step up to the plate for me and push down the right set of stairs.  Hopefully, everything is in order – at least it is from my end.  Again, I hope. 

Oh, and Malory is good. Currently she is sitting on my couch eating popcorn.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'll Call Her Malory

Everything seems to be falling into place.  Granted, falling seems quite dramatic to describe a life of serenity.

I read somewhere that "love takes hostages."  It's true.  Once it grabs you, blindfolds you from the world around you; the ransom is your heart.  But this is America and America doesn't negotiate with terrorists.  Love is a risk.  It's like telling a stranger what's your kryptonite; it's deadly.

But life is never without risk, never without doubt, and fear.  If life was forever happy, then it would be boring.  Even though the bad sucks, it puts life into context and context helps us appreciate simply living.

Good night Malory, sweet dreams.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

People Do Buy These? Huh...

BMW X6 M ... M for awesome of course.

4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V8 engine. 555 horsepower, 500 lb.-ft. torque
0-60: 4.5 seconds
Curb Weight: 5,324
MSRP: $89,000

O, and it's an SUV ... that only seats four.

Early Morning Post

It's late.   Well, by late I mean early, like 1:58 am kind of early.  I've got homework that I have no desire to dive into, especially after just getting caught up Thursday afternoon.  Granted, a small break every now and then doesn't do much harm. 

The semester is making me realize my strong distaste for all things scholarly or literary.  Honestly scholarly pieces of work are written by people who are unable to function in society; hence they create a job for themselves that does nothing to advance human culture, yet instead hinders the learning abilities of college students. 

Anyways, it's getting late-er, or early-er, or maybe it's just time for bed.