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Eating healthy within reach for college students
Published 05/16/2011

Search for Eating Healthy on Google and it instantly suggests Eating healthy on a budget as if it knows your wallet is getting as tight as your swimsuit.

Dyer Chair created to attack social phobias
Published 06/06/2011

Timothy Dyer a former Eastern Michigan University Regent pledged 1.5 million for the creation of the Dr. Timothy J.

Treasure hunting turned modern
Published 06/13/2011

We have all imagined sailing the high seas Jack Sparrow-style fighting off other pirates and hunting for lost riches traveling to faraway lands and going toe-to-toe with Black Beard himself.

Online social networking affects jobs
Published 06/27/2011

The Internet is a two-way street It has invaded our lives as our lives have invaded it. With the information superhighway beamed down to almost every device we can get our hands on future employers are starting to catch on.

Where's the play anymore?
Published 08/26/2011

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy isn't just a proverb for college students its a way of life.

Choose roomies wisely
Published 08/30/2011

Roommates are like lottery tickets Sometimes you get a winner and sometimes you are out a couple hundred bucks depending on your gambling abilities.

Commuting brings benefits, frustrations
Published 09/14/2011

BEEP...BEEP...BEEP....You roll over and the clock reads 915. Class starts in fifteen minutes. You live thirty miles away. And you have a final exam. This is a thing that leads to restless nights and horrid sweaty nightmares for commuter students.

HTC Flyer- it plays Angry Birds, too!
Published 09/18/2011

For those of you that love to drink the Apple Kool-Aid – as tasty as it is – there are other tablet products on the shelf. Where are these tablets, you ask? They are usually tucked away next to the broom closet and discounted tape players, forgotten amongst the iPad craze.

Lattes are expensive my friend
Published 09/25/2011

Are you the type of caffeinated machine who thinks a Red Bull is an alternative to Ambien? Have you ever attempted to attach a baby bottle nipple to a can of Monster for easy bedtime accessibility? Or are you a milder latte-a-day kind of person?

Volunteering kicks off
Published 10/02/2011

Eastern Michigan University and the United Way are holding the EMU United Way Kick-Off Campaign beginning at 8:15 a.m.

Zombie's attack EMU
Published 10/19/2011

If you hear the tired moans for brains across campus next week, do not be alarmed. The shuffling of the recently re-animated dead is part of Zombie Awareness Week, a week-long event put on by Outbreak: Eastern. 

Making a winter emergency kit for cars
Published 11/6/2011

Winter weather can quickly turn nasty in Michigan with snow, ice and freak events like freezing fog hindering any commute to class.  

Keep car repairs cheap
Published 11/13/2011

We have all had a 30 oil change balloon into a 3000 smorgasbord of tie-rod ends valves springs and other oddly named parts that many have no clue what their function is.There are many things you can do to ensure you are not charged for insanely high fixes like transmission repairs or engine rebuilds.

Try to find a car that fits your lifestyle
Published 11/16/2011

To some, owning a car is considered a rite of passage, ranked with graduating high school, moving out and partaking in your first hangover. Being a car owner, though, can come with more headaches than just an upset stomach and a questionable sensitivity to light.

Looking for a car?
Published 11/30/2011

Finding the right used car can be difficult. Do you go for a GDI or TDI, Direct-injection or port-injection?

Amazon unveils the everyman's tablet
Published 12/11/2011

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been touted as an Apple iPad 2 competitor, if not killer, but the Fire is in a different camp of products. Where the iPad 2 is focused on accomplishing a multitude of functions seamlessly, the Fire’s purpose is one thing and one thing only: accessing and buying multi-media content. 

Real top cars of '11
Published 12/14/2011

With the Detroit Big Three in shambles and the global market on the verge of collapse because of the recession that started in 2009, the importance of automakers in America was in question.